Here at U Name Me we've partnered up with some awesome companies that I'm sure will interest you!!!



After discovering Haven Cambodia in Siem Reap three years ago, Alison knew that she wanted to help raise funds for the underprivileged teens, to help guarantee them a future and to break their family's cycle of poverty.  Alison came up with the idea of URBAN JUNGLE JEWELLERY - gorgeous hand-strung and affordable bracelets with 5% donated to the training restaurant, Haven.

Their bracelets are custom-made and either 925 Sterling silver or 14k gold filled with a lovely choice of charms, some paying homage to our amazing city, designed for adults and kids, and make the perfect gifts.

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2.HELEN LAW Photography

Helen finds herself fascinated by the world through the lens and dives into it before she notices....she specialising in family photography and animals.  She even studies the behaviour of the little ones in order to score - freezing lovely moments or funny expressions.

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My Happy Sunflower was established in 2009 making silver jewellery using children’s fingerprints, hand and footprints.  Their first ''paint your own pottery'' studio opened in 2010 where they beautifully capture the baby’s prints on a piece of pottery or turn it into a piece of silver jewellery wear.  The studio offers custom designed work and also run parties and school visits.    

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Book Wise run by Sara Young,  is passionate about reading and believes that introducing books to children at an early age is very important.  Bookwise is a business which provides a quality and affordable online shopping experience for children's books, toys & other products. 

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 Scribble Jewellery was founded through a love of crafting, jewellery design, and ultimately our families and loved ones. In a city like Hong Kong where everything moves at an electrifying speed, every now and then we all need to slow down and remember the important things in life. Children grow up so fast! At Scribble Jewellery they were inspired to capture memories such as drawings and handprints onto unique silver jewellery. Each piece is truly designed by you, and handcrafted by them. 

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